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Coaching Intervention Strategies

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Have you ever had a performance coaching conversation with an employee who was either shocked or offended by your feedback? Have you ever reprimanded an employee who had a strong negative reaction to the reprimand? Has their performance gotten worse since you reprimanded them? Have you been surprised that a potentially good employee responded poorly to your coaching… your feedback…your reprimand? This course addresses the spiraling cycle of why potentially good employees become “difficult”, and how your chosen coaching intervention may have escalated the employee’s counterproductive workplace behavior. This course also focuses on the role you (as manager) play in providing the environment which motivates or demotivates your employee. Your demotivated employee is more likely to exhibit inappropriate and disruptive behaviors; these behaviors automatically lead us to define the employee as dissatisfied or “difficult.” Counterproductive Workplace Behaviors - when mishandled by individual managers and management as a whole - can result in significant harm to the organization. This course addresses some of the most common types of difficult and disruptive employee behaviors, identifies the potential risks to the organization if the behavior is not corrected, and offers strategies to constructively coach, counsel and correct your employee’s behavior with the intent to improve or reduce poor performance.

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