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Leading Up to Lead Down (Pt2)

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Establishing Relational Chemistry... Connecting The Power to ‘Lead Up’ With Being in Your Boss’s Inner Circle The relationship you construct, nurture, and manage with your immediate boss is critical to your work success as well as your professional growth and development. And, if you’re introspective, you’ll own the fact that you're in control of that relationship with your boss. The quality of that relationship helps you achieve your goals, because your boss has information that you need in order to succeed. She also can't do her job or accomplish her goals without your help. So, your manager shares a critical interdependence with you…it’s a reciprocal relationship. If you don't accomplish your work, goals and objectives, your manager will never excel in his or her overall responsibilities. You won't progress without the information, perspective, experience, and support of your manager. For better or worse, you are profoundly intertwined. For this reason whether you think your boss is incompetent or uncommitted…or unaware of what you need, it’s still in your best interest to be able to influence them…to lead up.

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