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Leading An Tnclusive Work Environment -
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Course Description

Recent societal events have given rise to the importance of diversity and inclusion in organizations. The words diversity and inclusion are often used interchangeably, but they are conspicuously different. Frequently, leaders believe when they achieve diversity the job is done. But it’s not! If your organizational culture does not embrace different people and perspectives, you will not be able to retain the diverse talent you hired. The measurable result is turnover; the perceptual result is tokenism...or “D.I.N.O” – “Diversity In Name Only.” Inclusion requires that everyone's contributions be valued, that individuals - regardless of their ethnicity, nationality, race, identity, culture, heritage or gender - have the opportunity to do their best work and advance. So, does your organization practice “D.I.N.O” – “Diversity In Name Only” or is it inclusive? This course examines the difference, provides strategies to become inclusive thereby improving overall departmental and organizational productivity.                                                   

What You'll Learn

  • What is Diversity & Inclusion

  • Diversity & Inclusion Terminology & Facts

  • Differentiate Inclusion from D.I.N.O (Diversity In Name Only)

  • How To Measure Inclusion

Course Curriculum

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What People Say About Duane

Duane Andrews is an excellent educator and I highly recommend anyone looking to take a management course, whether you are new to managing people or want to enhance your management skills to sign up for one or all of his courses. I have taken a number of his management courses and each one was nothing short of inspirational. Duane is a leader with well-honed, real-world business experience; he embodies greatness and imparts practical business knowledge, which can be immediately applied to management practices within any industry. Duane's courses are participative, if you are looking for a course where you are looking at a series of slides and taking notes, look elsewhere, because he'll make you work and you'll thank him for it. I would recommend Duane for in-house management consulting, coaching, leadership workshops. He is that good, a true leader personified. 


Jessica H, PMP, CSM, Executive Director-- Risk IT Rapid Solutions Project Manager/Business Analyst

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