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I’ve worked at the NYC DOT for more than twenty-three years and in that time I have attended many different types of training, working groups, and seminars. Duane Andrews might be the best all around trainer/instructor I’ve ever met. Mr. Andrews was well-prepared, knowledgeable, direct, honest, and demonstrated patience and commitment to his students. In my opinion, his best quality was his ability to create the comfortable feeling of a one-on-one training environment despite the twenty-five other students in the session. I would highly recommend Duane Andrews as a trainer.

John P - Executive Director at NYCDOT

Duane Andrews is an excellent educator and I highly recommend anyone looking to take a management course, whether you are new to managing people or want to enhance your management skills to sign up for one or all of his courses. I have taken a number of his management courses and each one was nothing short of inspirational. Duane is a leader with well-honed, real-world business experience; he embodies greatness and imparts practical business knowledge, which can be immediately applied to management practices within any industry. Duane's courses are participative, if you are looking for a course where you are looking at a series of slides and taking notes, look elsewhere, because he'll make you work and you'll thank him for it. I would recommend Duane for in-house management consulting, coaching, leadership workshops. He is that good, a true leader personified.

Jessica H - Executive Director at Morgan Stanley

Duane deserves an award for being the professor that changed the most lives of his students! He genuinely cares for his students. He always provides a motivational, nonjudgmental, challenging and honest environment for his students to share, learn, change and grow. Duane's expertise in the field of leadership, management, and organizational change and behavior is absolutely impressive. In a short period of time, Duane has shifted my way of thinking and managing. He gave me powerful recommendations and taught me valuable skills in organizational management and supervision. Duane is smart, articulate, honest, and inspiring. It was a pleasure learning from him. I highly recommend Duane as both a professor and a Corporate Trainer. You must be INSANE to not choose him as your business management / leadership guru.

Van M - Digital Marketing Strategist

Many teach, few inspire. Duane Andrews is truly an inspirational and motivational communicator, educator and leader. The depth of knowledge and real-life expertise, along with his great humor, make every class a delight! Duane's contagious enthusiasm and energy fill the classroom and encourage students to open up in discussions and express themselves. My absolute highest recommendations!

Vlada G - Consultant, East-West Management Institute

I had the privilege of taking two classes with Duane; Art of Supervision and Creating Effective Teams. In both classes, I not only learned the subject matter, but also learned more about myself than any other class. He's a challenging educator, and in his classes, I was forced to confront my fears and insecurities in a way therapists would envy. At the end of each class, I always felt energized and better equipped. I had a great deal of fun in both classes, but especially in the Creating Effective Teams. The exercises and projects allowed the team members to become very close. At the beginning of the term, everyone was somewhat reserved, as people tend to be with complete strangers. By the end, the class had learned a great deal about each other, and I was sad to see it end. This would never have been achieved without Duane. He works very hard to ensure we all communicated with each other and helped us become more effective in our communications. Duane is a unique person and educator. Even if you don't have the opportunity to take one of his classes or work with him, he's a great person to know because you'll always have a good conversation. He's very good at asking the right questions, and always has great answers. He's honest, and he expects you to be honest as well, which is an admirable quality.

Erick H - O&A Analyst, Merchandising Operations at Office Depot

It just took me the very first 10 min of his lecture to feel that Duane would bring a lot to me. Not only on a business/career development but also on a self-development level. Duane has been my guru, my mentor. He asks the right and specific questions, possesses a high sense of mental analysis to understand human behavior, psychological thinking, and brings it to a corporate environment and vice versa. Duane is passionate about what he does; his inspiring karma brings an intangible value to his knowledge and expertise. Not typical at all, his lectures are both spiritual and professional enlightenment. One of the most valuable encounters at this stage of my career.

Chantal T - General Manager at Gotham Retail Ventures, Inc.

I took a course in Baruch College with Duane as the instructor.  The course was "Negotiation, Decision Making & Conflict." His classroom exercises were intense. It brought real emotions to the classroom and he pushed us to understand why we, the students, can't come to an agreement. I learned so much from Duane on body language, tone of voice, passive-aggressive behavior, listening skill, etc. Duane also coached me after the course. I would highly recommend anyone to take a course from Duane.

Rick K - IT Manager at Bloomberg

I say this with 15 years of experience as an educational technologist - who has worked closely with many lecturers in my career: I am honored to write a recommendation for Mr. Duane Andrews. He is by far one of the best lecturers in CUNY. During my first class with Mr. Andrews “Conflict, Negotiation & Decision Making”, he was able to immediately correct my skill set and give me tools to shifted to a more assertive style. He has done wonders for my day-to-day interaction with both my staff and peers. I am now able to have more productive meetings - that better serve myself as well as my counter parts. My second class with Mr. Andrews was “Manager to Coach: Achieving Team Excellence Through Coaching”. He gave me the tools to coach my staff in identifying their aspirations and aligning them with the organization. This has allowed the staff to do more than just “their job”. It has empowered them to start projects and take on additional responsibility. Based on my experiences with Mr. Andrews, I highly recommend his courses.

Billy L - Senior Operations Engineer at GE Digital

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