A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Henry Adams

If you want to achieve anything in life you MUST master the skill of INFLUENCE. No one is going to do anything for you just for the hell of it! You must know how to influence them…how to get them to do something for you when they don’t have to.


This is the most important interpersonal skill you can master…for everything in life!

Gain insight...through my online classes, coaching and psychometric assessments...

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Life is about the ability to influence…This series of tools are designed to provide you with the skills necessary to either establish - or be part of - “a work environment that works.” The process of being influential begins and ends with being seen as credible to anyone you interact with. Are you the person who, when you approach I say (verbally or non-verbally) “What the hell do you want?!” Or are you the person who gets me to say “What can I do for you today?!”

Your goal should be the latter. THIS is where your ability to influence begins.


My Leadership Is Influence Toolkit, offered in collaboration with Baruch College CAPS, focuses on preparing you to become that person. To be the person whose emotional and social intelligence facilitates great working, personal relationships and interactions…and prepares you to lead.


Then and only then will you be influential!

This toolkit is a series of interconnected courses, coaching interventions and psychological assessments:

  • For you to effectively influence a process, outcome, person or situation you must know how to lead that person.

  • For you to lead that person you need to know what motivates that person, so you need to effectively listen to them.

  • Effective listening significantly reduces the conflict between parties.

  • Addressing conflict means ALWAYS staying in the ‘Adult’ state of transactional analysis.

  • Conducting yourself from the ‘Adult’ state means always being in control of your emotions and thus controlling any perception of you having a ‘bad attitude.'

  • Being in the ‘Adult’ state also means being assertive in all your communication – which means advocating for yourself while hearing, and respecting everyone’s perspective.

Doing all of the above gets your boss to take you seriously; gets you promoted; gets your employees to respond to your requests and demands of them; allows you to be seen as team player; allows you to stay calm under pressure, which allows you to become that problem solver for both your internal and external customers.


Based on my experiences over the last two decades, I have found some topics to be repeatedly requested. I cover many in my toolkit. So what makes this toolkit standout from others?

  • First, I will expand on some topics you may not traditionally think of as important…but I do! For example, you may have covered listening skills in another course…but you have not heard it like this!

  • Second, each course will be accompanied by an insight building psychological assessment – which you will take with you.


My goal is to help you become more insightful in an emotional and social way, not necessarily in an academic or theoretical way…

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