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Corporate Training

Experiential learning envelops my facilitation style. Why? Because it…

  1. Provides a Safe Learning Environment

  2. Accelerates Individual and Group Understanding

  3. Connects Theory and Practice

  4. Produces Noticeable Attitude & Behavior Shifts

  5. Increases Commitment Levels

  6. Ensures Higher Learning Retention & Therefore Higher Return on Investment (RoI)

  7. Provides Accurate Assessment Results

  8. Supports Personalized Insight Building

  9. Allows Opportunities for Reflection

  10. Creates Value in Mistakes

  11. Advances Opportunity for Creativity See this in action is this video…

   Here is a sampling of Duane's Training Workshops...

  • Group Process Intervention Strategies

  • Influence Without Authority

  • Creating High Performance Project Teams

  • Managing Workplace Conflict

  • Emotional Intelligence - Dealing With Difficult People

  • Leading Without Authority

  • Managing Internal Customers

  • Service Excellence: From Good to Great

  • Planning and Managing Organizational Change

  • The Customer–Centric Executive and Organization

  • The Leadership and Organizational Character Workshop

  • Effective Office Politics

  • Managing Your Time More Effectively

  • Manager to Coach: Achieving Excellence Through Coaching

Duane has conducted leadership and corporate trainings with the following companies:​


Interested in trainings for your organization? Contact me 

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