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Duane K. Andrews MBA


Brooklyn, NY, 11225

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As part of the introductory phase of my coaching process I work with clients to utilize the appropriate psychological assessment tools to assist in their leadership, personal and career development as part in the intake process. This has proven to be a great benefit as it helps to clarify their strengths and opportunities as it relates to their self-perceptions. 

Advanced Multidimensional Personality Matrix
Career Advancement Profile
Coping Skills Assessment
Employee Attitude and Personality Assessment
IT Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile
Management Skills and Styles Assessment
Organization Skills Assessment
Success Likelihood Profile
Team vs. Individual Orientation
Anger Management Assessment
Career Motivation Profile
Customer Service Profile
Entrepreneurial Aptitude Profile
Locus of Control & Attribution Style Assessment
Management Skills and Styles Assessment (Abridged)
Retail Sales Evaluation
Store Manager Aptitude Personality & Attitude Profile
Time Management Evaluation
Rating Scale
Career Fit
Coaching & Trainability Attitude Assessment
Entrepreneurial Personality Assessment
Leadership Potential Assessment
Multidimensional Emotional Intelligence Quotient
Risk-taking Assessment
Salesperson Personality Profile
IQ Test
Analytical Reasoning Assessment
Communication Skills Assessment
DISC Personality Profile
Goal-Setting Skills Assessment
Listening Skills Inventory
Negotiation Aptitude Profile
Sensitivity to Criticism Assessment
Social Personality & Skills Assessment
Values Profile
Work Integrity Assessment