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Leading the Human Side of Organizational Change

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Leading the human side of organizational change refers to the process of managing and supporting individuals and teams through the social, emotional, and psychological aspects of change within an organization. This involves effectively communicating the change, addressing resistance, building support and buy-in, and helping individuals and teams to adjust to new roles, responsibilities, and ways of working. To lead the human side of organizational change effectively, leaders should: 1. Communicate the purpose and benefits of the change. 2. Address resistance and concerns by listening to and engaging with affected individuals/teams. 3. Build support and buy-in by involving individuals and teams in the change process and providing opportunities for feedback and input. 4. Help individuals and teams to adjust by providing training, support, and resources for transition. 5. Foster a positive and inclusive culture that supports & encourages change. By leading the human side of organizational change, leaders can help to ensure that the change is successful and that individuals and teams can transition smoothly to new ways of working. This can lead to increased engagement, productivity, and success for the organization as a whole. What We Will Cover What is Change Management ~Change and Transition: What’s the Difference ~Conditions for Change to Succeed Understanding Resistance ~Why People Resist ~Steps to Deal with Resistance ~Understand the Stages of Resistance ~The Impact of Procrastination on Change Outcomes Leading & Influencing Change ~Leading using Process Consultation Skills ~Steps to Influence Change ~Mobilizing Commitment ~Aligning for Success How To Create Behavior Change ~How To Communicate a Change Initiative (Strategic Messaging) ~Using Change Tools/Techniques to Facilitate Behavior Change Accompanying Psychological Assessment: Career Motivation Profile is designed to uncover what motivates your employees to create an environment where they can thrive.

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