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Effective Employee Delegation

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Preventing Employee Mismanagement Through Effective Delegation How Managers Misunderstand, Misdiagnose and Mismanage Which Employees To Delegate To and Why… How many times have you heard that to be an effective manager you have to learn to delegate? Recently, a client of mine told me “I have to get rid of all these mundane and menial tasks from my daily work; I have a top notch team to handle these things!” so I asked my client “Sooo it’s OK to have your so-called top notch team do mundane and menial tasks?” I’m still waiting for a satisfactory answer to my question. But this is what we do as managers…we take our best performers and subject them to doing things that we either don’t want to do ourselves or that THEY are too good to do. On the flip side, we sometimes ask our most inexperienced employees to complete tasks they are not yet ready to handle…and then we get frustrated with THEM for failing! This course focuses on the intersection between delegation and micromanagement in the coaching process. This is essential to staff/employee development...or staff mismanagement. Offering the appropriate coaching strategies to each individual is of utmost importance. We will focus on the role of the manager in the delegation and micromanagement process, and how to most effectively use the expertise and skills of direct-reports to get the job done most efficiently. You will also learn how to identify and overcome barriers to delegation, and to whom and how to delegate tasks.

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