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The Effective Listening Masterclass

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Do you often feel you are not getting your point across? Do you find yourself saying “You’re not hearing me!” to a co-worker? Has someone said to you “You said that already!” during an argument? Have you noticed your irritation with long pointless meetings? Well, you are not alone! These are all signs that you are not being listened to…and you are not listening. Your work environment is filled with the complexities of hierarchy, individual versus team needs, deadlines and other critical demands. These stressors can drive you to use counterproductive approaches to be heard. This course provides you with a clear understanding of how to combat the counterproductive patterns which gets in the way of you listening effectively, which in turn increases the likelihood that you are listened to. If you’re looking for a cookie-cutter listening skills course, that deals with cliche verbal and non-verbal listening skills, then you’re in the wrong place! This course is tackled through the lens of effectively listening to have influence over an outcome, person or situation…by effectively we mean 1) listening to respond to the true meaning of the other party’s communication thus significantly shortening conversations. 2) Eliminate misunderstanding by removing the noise of miscommunication. 3) Understanding what others are hearing from us – what our disposition is saying to them. 4) Learning to listen to what we think we already know the other party is about to say.

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