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A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

Henry Adams

The influence Toolkit


So you’re a junior executive at company “A”. You’ve been working there for 3 years in the same role. You know that your 3 years experience is really “One year three times”…meaning you learned all there was to learn after the first year and if you weren’t promoted, you didn’t show the powers that be why. You know that any time spent beyond that first year in the same role was time-wasting, because you know YOUR goal was to move up. You had enough self-awareness to know there was a reason why you were not promoted but not enough self-awareness to know why. You’re stuck. You want to grow in your career. You can’t (One of the problems is that you just used the word “can’t”). You need help. You need help learning how to influence; influence your boss, your employees, your co-worker(s), your team, your client, a process, a project, an outcome.

If this is you, or you lead a department or company with someone like this, or you know someone personally or professionally like this, then, the only way out and up is to learn more about your challenges, you must take my online “Leadership is Influence” Certificate.



So you’re an HR, Training, OD, Diversity or Procurement manager. You have a job to do, a big part of which is to assist the executive team in the development of their teams. You oversee and/or source all external corporate training programs, but you’ve been stalled by Covid-19. Nothing is happening. Work is at a standstill. You’re “waiting for things to go back to normal.” But deep down you know things will never go back to what is was before. How do you develop and train the staff in this new reality? Personally you feel online courses are not the same as in-person classes; they’re just not as interactive and experiential. But intellectually you know your organization will never again choose the more expensive option. Why would they? Why would they take a group of 40 managers away from their jobs to sit in all-day in-person trainings when they could have those 40 managers do an asynchronous online class at their leisure, on their own time, after work, at home?! Why would they spend money to rent space to conduct the training? Why would they reduce the employee’s time spent on their job, thus reducing employee and departmental productivity? Why would they not allow the 40 participants the opportunity to be able to review and re-watch the content as many times as it would take to “stick?” You know that one hour after someone speaks we forget 80% of what they say, right? So only 20% of an all-day training will “stick.” So stop ruminating. Look no further. Embark on the new normal; take my online “Leadership is Influence” Certificate.  You teams will have access to these learnings at every step of their development because they can replay the content over and over again.

Be ahead of the curve; if you’re not the decision maker then take this to the decision maker. If you are the decision maker, take action.


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