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academy Membership

Focused on:

  • Leadership & Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence & Self-awareness

  • Inclusion based on E.N.R.I.C.H*

E.N.R.I.C.H = Ethnicity, Nationality, Race, Identity, Culture, Heritage

What You Get As A dka academy Member:

  • Not only do DKA Academy members get full access to my most in-depth online courses, but my DKA Academy members also get:

  • An exclusive, members-only, LIVE group Q&A call on Zoom with Duane personally EVERY OTHER MONTH for training, review and feedback of your work!

  • Full access to over 15+ of my other online courses/content (no drip release)

  • Full access to any new online courses that are released with no extra charge

  • Full access to new content - added monthly

  • A monthly updated 'DKA Vault' of my public & private youtube recordings, Q&A session recordings

  • An exclusive online community for members to network, make friends, chat and share as you grow your careers and businesses

  • Free Psychological, Job Performance & Personal Development Assessments (One every 2 months AFTER 3 months of continuous membership)

  • Exclusive discounts to my group coaching programs and one-on-one coaching

  • Exclusive discounts to online assessments (including scoring and interpretation) to help you understand yourself

  • ALL of this! Valued thousands of dollars, and you can access ALL of it for just $49/month!

  • Click here to get immediate access to all of these amazing DKA Academy member benefits

Get FULL access to ALL of my online full length self-paced courses, mini courses, assessments, monthly live Q&A, private workshops, webinars, and mini lectures right now - FOR just $49/month!

DKA Academy Membership: ALL 15+ of my online courses! includes these courses & content:

how to See Around The corner:

the employee survival guide

Coming Soon

how to give negative

feedback positively

Coming Soon

leading & managing through organizational chaos

Coming Soon

managing toxic relationships

Coming Soon

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