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online self-paced courses

  • Leadership & Influence

  • Emotional Intelligence & Self-awareness

  • Inclusion based on E.N.R.I.C.H*

Focused on:

As an Executive and Leadership Coach, University Instructor, Corporate Trainer and Organizational Effectiveness Consultant, the questions I get most frequently from executives, clients, participants and students of all backgrounds, ages and developmental levels usually begin with two things:​

  1. How do I…?  

  2. What do I do if…?

These questions are questions on influence. Influence is a verb that means ‘to shape or give direction to.’

People always want to know how to influence...

How are my online Self-Paced (asynchronous) courses Beneficial?

  • You can complete as quickly or slowly as you wish

  • It makes learning flexible

  • It does not interfere with your actual work schedule

  • It provides an environment where self-reflection is possible

  • The completion of the action plan makes the benefits and outcomes similar to that of one on one coaching

  • The action plan compels real world application of the course content

  • You can repeat the parts most applicable over and over again

  • You can join a closed online group to share questions, comments and concerns after completing the course

  • (Where applicable) The Psychological and job-performance assessments bring immediate insight and awareness based on concrete findings

Online Courses

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