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Do You Want Racial "Tolerance?"

To me, Diversity is the ability for differences - ranging from ethnicity, race, identity, culture, heritage, gender, religion, socio-economic status, education, to sexual orientation - to coexist in the workplace, with a high degree of mutual understanding AND ACCEPTANCE present. Acceptance - including acceptance of opposing viewpoints - is fundamental. True diversity also means inclusion of everyone and inclusion of everyone's viewpoints and perspectives.

So how could this definition stand up in your organization if you or your boss or your co-worker is racially ‘tolerant?’ I ’tolerate’ a bad movie because I already paid the ticket. I ’tolerate’ a noisome smell on the subway because I’ll be exiting in 10 minutes. But nothing good comes out of ’tolerating’ another human being.

The definition of “Tolerate” is: “To accept or endure (someone or something unpleasant or disliked) with forbearance. “

So, when your company preaches “Racial Tolerance,” be concerned…be very concerned. They are practicing DINO - Diversity In Name Only…

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