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Emotionally Intelligent Leaders Never React! They Always Respond!

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

We sometimes use the words ‘React’ and ‘Respond’ synonymously. But, in reality and practice, there is a world of a difference between them. Emotionally intelligent leaders understand the difference and always choose to respond. When we react to a situation or person, our feelings and emotions take over and logic goes out the window. Our ‘reaction’ ultimately is defined by a loss of self-control, which leads to regret and apologies. A response is more thoughtful; it is guided by sound judgment and rational thinking.So, how do you actually respond and not react? When you are emotionally triggered, be mindful of what your instinctive reaction is leading you to do or say…then do the opposite! If what you are about to say or do is not going to help you, then it’s going to hurt you! This is how you begin to become the emotionally intelligent leader you aspire to be. Be self-aware and deliberate with your behavior choices.

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