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Finding purpose in life is one of our most fundamental needs as humans. We constantly seek validation and meaning and our place in the grand scheme. Historically, philosophers, psychologists, and laypeople have debated life's meaning...


This exercise aims to help you find purpose and meaning in your lives by practicing the Japanese concept of ikigai. In doing so, you can learn to explore and connect with what is most meaningful by discovering the point at which your talents and passions converge with your other needs, including what you are willing to be paid for.


Finding one’s ikigai is an ongoing process of self-reflection. Your ikigai is likely to change as your circumstances change over time. Therefore, practicing this exercise as often as possible is beneficial to continue exploring different possibilities as your circumstances change.


Finding your ikigai requires your commitment to action because this will not be discovered overnight. It's different for each individual: your ikigai might be obvious for some. For others, it may be a work in progress. It's not uncommon if you continue to search for your purpose over time to determine what it is you value most.

Finding Your True Purpose - The Ikigai Exercise

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