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Essentialism is a philosophy that encourages individuals to focus on what is truly important and essential in their lives and work, rather than being distracted by non-essential or less important tasks and activities. This can help individuals to be more productive and effective in their endeavors, as they are able to concentrate on the things that truly matter rather than wasting time and energy on less important tasks.


To practice essentialism, individuals can start by identifying their core values and priorities. This can help them to determine what is most important to them and what they should focus on in their professional and personal lives. They can then use this information to set clear goals and priorities, and to make decisions about how to allocate their time and resources.


It is important to note that essentialism is not about doing less or being less productive. Rather, it is about focusing on the things that are most important and making progress in those areas, rather than spreading oneself too thin and making little progress in many different areas. By focusing on the things that truly matter, individuals can achieve greater satisfaction and fulfillment in their work and lives.


In this exercise, you will learn about essentialism and understand where you are on the essentialist vs. non-essentialist continuum before exploring ways to apply essentialism to your professional lives.

Learn to Define and Complete Important vs. Optional Tasks - An Exercise

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