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Delegating can be a very effective way to increase productivity, as it allows you to focus on the tasks that you are best suited for and that require your attention. It also allows others to use their skills and expertise to contribute to the work being done. Effective delegation requires good communication, trust, and clear expectations. It is important to clearly communicate the task or responsibility to the person you are delegating to, and to provide them with the necessary resources and support to complete it successfully. It is also important to establish clear expectations for the outcome of the task and to set deadlines for its completion.


Delegating can also be a good opportunity to develop the skills and capabilities of others, as it allows them to take on new responsibilities and challenges. This can be especially beneficial for team members who are looking to grow and develop within an organization. Overall, effective delegation can help increase productivity, improve efficiency, and enhance team performance.


This is a two part self development exercise.


Part 1 aims to help you determine why you choose not to delegate work to others with specialized skills and knowledge. By doing so, you can then identify counterarguments that will help reframe these limiting beliefs and change how you think about delegating.


In part 2, you will identify tasks that can be outsourced and consider the types of people who have the skills and experiences to complete these tasks for you. In doing that, you can figure out the steps needed to find these individuals so you can concentrate your energy on tasks that maximize your strengths.

Learn to Do Less & Accomplish More - Becoming More Productive by Delegating

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