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Retail Sales Evaluation


Purpose: RESALE - R assesses whether the personality traits and abilities a person possesses match those required to be a successful retail salesperson.


No. of questions: 119

Question type: Situational, self-report

Estimated completion time: 40 minutes

Shorter versions of assessment: N/A


Report Includes:

  • Summary

  • Introduction

  • Graphs

  • Detailed narrative interpretation

  • List of Strengths an Limitations

  • Impression Management

  • Advice


Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 4 factors, divided into 16 scales:

  • Work Attitudes: Evaluates work approach and ability to comport oneself in an appropriate fashion.

  • Interpersonal Skills: Evaluates effectiveness and appropriateness of a person’s people skills.

  • Organizational Skills: Evaluates skills necessary to maintain a neat work environment and manage time efficiently.

  • Psychological Strength: Assesses the ability to stay mentally tough and composed in the face of difficulties.

16 Scales

• Positive Attitude Toward Teamwork

• Comfort with Routine

• Comfort with Authority

• Drive to Succeed

• Comfort with Pressure Sales Tactics

• Integrity

• Communication S

• Assertiveness with Clients

• Salesmanship

• Agreeableness

• Conflict Resolution

• Time Management

• Neatness

• Meticulousness

• Stress Management

• Self-Control


  • Pre-employment

  • Training tool

  • Skill development

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