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Team vs. Individual Orientation Test


Purpose: TIOT will assess a person’s work orientation, along with some possible reasons why he or she leans towards this preference.


No. of questions: 86

Question type: Situational, self-report

Estimated completion time: 25 minutes

Shorter versions of assessment: N/A


Report Includes:

  • Summary

  • Introduction

  • Graphs

  • Detailed narrative interpretation

  • List of Major and Minor teamwork concerns

  • Advice


Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 5 factors, divided into 15 scales:


  • Self-Confidence: Assesses teamwork concerns related to a lack of self-confidence.

  • Peer Confidence: Assesses concerns about having to trust and depend on teammates.

  • Need to Compromise: Assesses concerns about having to compromise personal goals and work style, or sacrifice individual credit when working in a group.

  • Unfairness: Assesses concerns about unfairness during group work.

  • Communication Issues: Assesses concerns about having to interact with others.


15 scales

• Interpersonal Discomfort

• Feeling Inferior

• Fear of Accountability

• Unwillingness to depend on others

• Issues with consulting others

• Fear of Criticism

• Having to adjust for the group

• Loss of Control

• Concern about being held back

• Not getting due credit

• Unfair Workload

• Meeting the need to communicate

• Issues with listening to team members

• Fear of speaking up in front of group

• Worry about unclear roles


  • Pre-employment

  • Training tool

  • Team building

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