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Time Management Evaluation


Purpose: TIME will assess whether an individual employs effective time management strategies and habits, and how his or her approach may be helping or hindering his or her work performance


No. of questions: 31

Question type: Self-report

Estimated completion time: 10 minutes

Shorter versions of assessment: N/A


Report Includes:

  • Summary

  • Introduction

  • Graphs

  • Detailed narrative interpretation

  • List of Strengths an Limitations

  • Advice


Factors and Scales:

Overall Score plus 3 scales:

  • Efficiency: Assesses whether a person is able to use time productively, and whether he/she has a tendency to employ timesaving techniques.

  • Diligence: Assesses whether a person perseveres in the face of distraction, or whether he/she has a tendency to procrastinate.

  • Organization: Assesses whether a person is able to maintain an orderly work environment and tends to approach tasks in a systematic manner.



  • Pre-employment

  • Training tool

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