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Course Description

How we lead our teams and conduct ourselves in departmental meetings has a huge bearing on how we are viewed by the people who matter most - our supervisor, staff, and coworkers. We are seen and heard most in meetings, so how we are perceived to run, or engage and participate in, those meetings skews - fairly or unfairly - the perception of our leadership abilities, communication skills and overall performance. This mini course takes a targeted look at how to run efficient meetings.


What You'll Learn

  • Characteristics of Effective Meetings

  • Top 5 Reasons to Hold (and Not Hold) a Meeting

  • Main Functions of Meetings

  • Common Problems & Solutions

  • Managing The Meeting - The Process

Mini Course - Curriculum

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What People Say About Duane

Duane Andrews is an excellent educator and I highly recommend anyone looking to take a management course, whether you are new to managing people or want to enhance your management skills to sign up for one or all of his courses. I have taken a number of his management courses and each one was nothing short of inspirational. Duane is a leader with well-honed, real-world business experience; he embodies greatness and imparts practical business knowledge, which can be immediately applied to management practices within any industry. Duane's courses are participative, if you are looking for a course where you are looking at a series of slides and taking notes, look elsewhere, because he'll make you work and you'll thank him for it. I would recommend Duane for in-house management consulting, coaching, leadership workshops. He is that good, a true leader personified. 


Jessica H, PMP, CSM, Executive Director-- Risk IT Rapid Solutions Project Manager/Business Analyst

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